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Reference Literature About Z80 CPU Programming:

Books in English

The Z80 MicroprocessorRamesh Gaonkar??ISBN: 81-87972-15-7. This book is still in print, unlike most of the othersPenram
Programming in Z80 assembly languageHutty, Roger1984Macmillan
The 8080, 8085, and Z80: chardware, software, programming, interfacing, and troubleshootingLaLond, David1988Prentice-Hall
An introduction to Z80 machine codePenfold, R. A.1984Bernard Babani
Introducing Z-80 assembly language programmingSinclair, Ian1983Butterworth
Z-80 - 1979-80, Book 2: Programming and interfacingNichols, Elizabeth A.1979Howard W. Sams
A Z-80 workshop manualParr., E. A.1983Babani
The 8080/Z80 assembly language : techniques for improved programmingMiller, Alan R.1981Wilev. cop.
Z80 assembly language subroutinesLeventhal, Lance1983Contains many very good subroutines for math, string, memory and a lot more, but not a good introduction.Osborne/McGraw-HIll Cop.
101 projects for the Z80Tedeschi, Frank P.1983TAB Books cop.
Z80 instant programs : machine code routines for Nascom and other Z80 computer systemsHooton, J.1982Sioma Technical Press
Microcomputer technology : an introductionUllman, Julian R.1982Pitman
Z80 users manualCarr., Joseph J.1980Reston Publishing cop.
Z80 and 8080 assembly language programmingSpracklen, Kathe1981Hayden
Programming the Z80Zaks, Rodnay1979+1980+1981Read choice for beginners. Read this to understand the basics of Z80 assembler.Sybex
Z80 assembly language programmingLaventhal, Lance A.1979Osborne/McGraw-Hill
Z80 microcomputer design projectsBarden, William1980Sams
The Z80 microprocessor : Architecture, interfacing, programming, and designDaonkar, R.S.1993Macmillan
SGS-Thomson Z80 microprocessor family : programming1990Kista
SGS-Thomson Programming reference Z801990Kista
Z80 applicationsCoffron, J. W.1983Sybex
Z80 PIO, Z80A PIO. Technical manual1978Zilog
Z80-CPU Z80A-CPU. Tecnical manual1977Zilog
Z80 Programmers ReferenceZilog
Build your own Z80 computer. Design guidelines and application notesCiarcia, S.1981Byte Books
Spectrum Machine Language for the Absolute BeginnerWilliam TangIt's a great book and has a lot of non specific Z80 stuff. Just ignore the Spectrum only bits as sound and the game.
TLCS-Z80,85 Data BookToshiba cop.
Z80 Assembly-Language ProgrammingLampton, ChristopherIt refers to the old TRS-80 and other CP/M computers, but it can be generalized and applied to the TI fairly easily. The book offers a clear explanation of exactly what factors you control in ASM programming.Franklin Watts
The Programming Guide to the Z80 ChipRobinson, Phillip R.TAB Books cop.
Learning Assembly Language: A Guide for BASIC ProgrammersJackson, Hugo T. and Fischer, A.M.The title itself should draw TI-BASIC programmers. Not about the Z80, but about a fictional chip called "GRAPE-80" which handles generalized instructions.Harper and Row

Online Books (e-books) in English

Books in German

Z80 - 1979-80 Buch 3 : Interface-Technik and AnwendungNichols, Elizabeth A.1980Elektor Verlag
Z80 - 1979-80 Buch 1 : Einführung und ProgrammierungNichols, Elizabeth A.1979Elektor Verlag
Z80 Applikationsbuch : Einführung in die Programmierung und Interfacetechniken des Mikroprozessor Z80Klein, Michael1983Franzis
Mikrocomputer selbstgebaut und programmiert : Vom Bauelement zum fertigen Z80-ComputerKlein, Rolf-Dieter1984Franzis
Mikrocomputer : Hard- und Softwarepraxis : Anhand ausführlicher Beispiele und größerer Programme wird das Programmieren immer perfekterKlein, Rolf-Dieter1981Franzis Verlag

Books in Danish/Swedish

Mikroprocessor : arkitektur, instruktioner og adresseringsmetoderGravsbjerg, Jens1986Teknisk Forlag
Maskinkod och assemblerunknown1984Bromberos
Maskinkode med amstradLorentzen, Jørn1985Borgen
Z80 programmeringTootill, Alan1985Teknisk Forlag
Z80 assembler programmeringSkræp, Mogens1983+1985M.S. Databøger
Maskinkode programmering med Z80Skavin, Jesper1985Borgen
Programmera Z80Zaks, Radnav1984Sybex