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Z80 5seconds Timer for 10MHz

... ... MAIN: CALL TIMER5 ... ... TIMER5: LD E,35H J60: LD B,0FFH J61: LD D,0FFH J62: DEC D JP NZ,J62 DEC B JP NZ,J61 DEC E JP NZ,J60 RET

Z80  multivibrator
Point: Use Loop Output 00H and FFH at 1 second interval. ORG 0000H LD SP,0FFFFH PPI1 EQU 37H PORTB1 EQU 35H LD A,90H OUT (PPI1),A LOOP: LD A,0 OUT (PORTB1),A CALL TIMER1 LD A,0FFH OUT (PORTB1),A CALL TIMER1 JP LOOP TIMER1: LD E,0AH J50: LD B,0FFH J51: LD D,0FFH J52: DEC D JP NZ,J52 DEC B JP NZ,J51 DEC E JP NZ,J50 RET END